Half Time Bruins Game 2
Hockey Fans Eating & Drinking Before a Bruins Game



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You can always treat yourself to one meal before events, and it seems pizza is a fans favorite indulgence at Boston Halftime Pizza there is NO better feeling then having pizza and cold beer before any event. Pizza and Beer at Boston halftime Pizza Count me in!

Mark who is the proprietor, for over 30 years, at Boston Halftime Pizza, who is the  “KING OF PIZZA”  has been serving Boston quality Italian pizza and great  subs, salads and pasta dishes that have passed the test of time, making them to be one of Boston’s best pizza restaurants.  With their commitment to providing the best in authentic Italian pizza, fresh subs, salads and pasta to Causeway Street visitors who may want to enjoy a quick bite before attending events at its most famous landmarks, the TD Garden, formerly the Boston Garden.

Our food is made with the finest ingredients and served with kindness, friendliness and speed. Our signature 18″ pizza is a MUST TRY along with the variety of slices served daily during lunchtime. We also serve wine, as well as bottle beers and offer a variety of seasonal draft beers domestic and imported at reasonable prices.
The Garden and  North Station area has gone through some changes in the last 30 years for the better .. We are still here to be one of the best in the area ready to serve. Our place is spacious and has several TV’s available from all directions to watch your favorite sports highlights, news and games. If you’re on your way to a event at the TD Garden or just finished watching a great event  Bruins or Celtics don’t settle for ordinary fast food when you have a deadline to make. Grab a quick bite at BOSTON HALFTIME PIZZA for speedy service and “YOU WILL BE BACK AGAIN”